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Campaign NOTEBOOK / Rita Skeeter / Harry Potter

Campaign NOTEBOOK / Rita Skeeter / Harry Potter
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"No, you see ... Rita Skeeter" – Hermione’s voice trembled with quiet triumph – "is an unregistered Animagus. She can turn" – Hermione pulled a small sealed glass jar out of her bag, "– into a beetle."

‘You’re kidding,' said Ron. "You haven’t ... she’s not ..."

"Oh, yes she is," said Hermione happily, brandishing the jar at them. Inside were a few twigs and leaves, and one large, fat beetle.

A tabletop roleplaying gamer's dream come true! Finally a notebook that allows you to keep notes from various RPGs in one spot. Inspired by the bullet journal model, the key to this wee beauty is in its index.

- 5.5 inches x 8.25 inches (13.97 x 20.96 cms)
- cover: 80 lb/215 gsm cover stock (card stock)
- 60 lined, graph, or dotted pages made with FSC certified paper (Page expansions available! See below.)
- page marker
- space to write your own page numbers
- front index
- hand stitched spine

For an additional fee, expand your campaign notebook for even more note-taking goodness.
- Player expansion: A fantastic all-in-one option! A 60-page notebook with our four-page character sheet on the front. (ONLY AVAILABLE FOR 60 PG NOTEBOOK)
- GM expansion: Increase your page count to 80.
- World Builder expansion: Increase your page count to 100.

THREE TYPES OF PAGES: Choose between lined, graph, or dot matrix pages. Note: The index title page will continue to be lined, regardless of the type of page you choose. If you would prefer just plain blank pages, please let me know in the Notes to Seller during checkout.

INSIDE PAGE CUSTOMIZATION: COMBINATION! For an additional fee, further customize your notebook to have the first half of your pages in one style and the rest in another style. For example, you might want to have the front half of your notebook with lined pages and the back half with dotted pages. Let me know what page styles you'd like in your Notes to Seller. [ONLY 2 STYLES, PLEASE. If you'd like to introduce a third style, your order will become a custom order and will incur additional fees. Send me a convo about this first.]

NO INDEX: Should you wish to purchase the notebook without an index, please let me know in your Note to Seller and I will be happy to accommodate your request.

In order to keep shipping costs down, this notebook will be shipped via Canada Post regular post (i.e. no tracking), unless you choose to upgrade your shipping.